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Who doesn’t love bracelets? Wear them alone, together or match them with your watch. Liebenstein provides you with unique hand made bracelets with a sense of modern style. A beaded bracelet is the perfect accessory for any occasion and outfit.


The concept of this store has been growing over the past years, until one day the idea landed and took ground. That was when the building of this site started as an after work venture. In the future I would also like the concept to include up-cycling a so called remake of your already purchased bracelets.


I use semi-precious stones as my main material. The beads are limited in numbers and one strand makes two bracelets. Therefore if you’d like to order a bigger quantity that may take time. Every bracelet is hand made and therefore bespoke versions are also possible. Send me an email with your request including your contacts and I will contact you.


My name is Anna von Zedtwitz Liebenstein, the earliest dated evidence of me making a necklace is 7 years old. One would ask why, because I love creating things, I always have. To me making a beaded necklace or bracelet is like meditation. At the same time it is a challenge to my mind and way of thinking. There is no limit. I’m based in Stockholm and I have experience from the luxury industry. With four languages and a lot of ideas I’m always on the look out for new opportunities, you can call me a multi-potentialist.

I’m very excited about having You here!



Handgjorda i Stockholm

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