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HappyBuddha is mainly made with rocks and mineral crystals which can be found in mines around the world. A piece of rock is cut and polished to become round beads. If they are not round they are called tumble stones because of their irregular shape. Some crystals gets color enhanced to get a more desirable appealing color. One example is Onyx, this rock is usually not pitch black from the beginning. Another example is Howlite, which is naturally white and therefore easy to dye into other colors such as red or turquoise. The word Semi-precious is a classification which means that the rocks are not precious stones e.g diamonds.

Semi-precious stones have since ancient times been appreciated for their vibrant colors and beautiful appearances. For instance, the Egyptians used Red Jasper to make amulets to put on the chest of people who had passed away, as a symbol to ease the goods. To them, different stones had different meanings, and were believed to have different purposes of use. Today we call this Gemology and the rocks are now being a part of yoga practices as a tool to help one gain better understanding of the inner and outer world. Let your HappyBuddha bracelet be a symbol of balance, peace or focus. It can be anything that you need it to be and that is the purpose.



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